Ad Optimization

Put your ads on auto-pilot.

Clixnet uses the latest artificial intelligence technology to automatically find the best ad types and channels to grow your business, brand or cause.

Our team leverages decades of experience, managing your campaign from start to finish, and monitoring results every step of the way.

Read on to learn how our AI ad optimization process works.

Evaluating Channels
Evaluating 100’s of advertising channels and opportunities to determine which traffic sources will drive the most awareness.
Step 1.
Analyzing Your Audience
Analyzing audience groups to reveal which segments are most likely to take the desired action.
Step 2.
Refining Segments
Identifying high-performing segments, removing low-performing segments and channels.
Step 3.
Monitoring Results
Constantly monitoring results, improving channel and segment targeting.
Step 4.
Amplifying Growth
Increasing activity on high-performing channels and segments.
Step 5.
Repeating Success
Expanding new offerings to adjacent channels and audiences, continuing to evaluate opportunities.
Step 6.

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