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Clixnet – Social Media

Media Site

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Clixnet – Advertising Case Study

The project that launched Clixnet was the result of a client request to deliver what seemed like an impossible goal at the time.

This led to the development of our AI-powered global advertising platform and the rest as they say, is history.

By leveraging the latest technology and human ingenuity we delivered on their traffic goal and then some.

Within 18 months, their social media site had over 10 million monthly visitors, resulting in more than 20 million subscribers.

Clixnet was a proven success.

Since then, we’ve used the same AI-powered ad optimization to help businesses, brands and causes develop massive audiences.

Clixnet – Visitor Traffic

Conservative Media Site

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Monthly Page Views

When a conservative media site contacted us with an immediate need, it pushed us to develop our platform further.

The site had been blacklisted and their monthly visits plummeted to 50 thousand visitors.

Our task was to ramp up traffic in an accelerated timeframe. We got right to work, tailoring our advanced advertising technology for their specific audience.

Within 6 months, our tireless efforts resulted in more than 15 million monthly page views for the conservative media site.

Most importantly, we didn’t sacrifice quality for quantity, maintaining a bounce rate less than 40%.

Clixnet’s technology was proven again, and we showed that we could overcome obstacles and deliver results under pressure.

Clixnet – Advertising Case Study

News Site

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Monthly Unique Visitors

A startup needed help to generate exposure while controlling their ROI.

Proving we could work in a rapid timeframe again, we built their traffic to over 2 million monthly unique visitors in 6 months.

The startup continued to garner attention and was acquired 18 months later.

The traffic numbers were vital to proving the viability of the startup and Clixnet was a proven success yet again.



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