Building awareness since 2004.

Clixnet – Advertising Freedom
Clixnet – Advertising Freedom

Greater freedom and a more even playing field.

We believe online advertising shouldn’t be controlled by a few companies who dictate pricing and targeting.

We’re committed to building a future where every business, brand or cause can reach their audience anywhere in the world.

WE'RE ON A Mission

We put the power of advertising back in your hands.

Typical ad platforms limit your reach, and prevent your business, brand or cause from reaching its full potential.

Clixnet gives you the power to grow.


About Us

Since 2004, Clixnet has helped businesses, brands and causes build greater awareness. We’re dedicated to the highest levels of client service, providing a white-glove approach with turnkey solutions.

We’ve seen online advertising evolve over the years, and we’ve innovated every step of the way. We tailor our AI-powered global advertising platform to meet your needs, identifying the best ad types and networks to reach your goals.

We do one thing and we do it very well – grab the attention of your audience.

Let's build your audience together.

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